A slinky contracting in slow motion

This video might be a valuable piece of motivation. Looking at the bottom of the slinky, it looks like it doesn’t move until the top part collapses on it, in fact it may not be moving, but that’s because two different forces are acting on it.

If a slinky was sitting on a desk, and you pulled it apart at both ends, it would collapse back into the middle of itself due to the tension that’s been applied to it. That’s happening here, but at the same time, the position of the center is moving at roughly the same rate the bottom end is collapsing due to gravity. As a result, it looks like it’s not moving until it fully contracts then the gravity takes the normal behavior you would expect.

Your work can be the same way. There are times that the work is getting done, but the motion doesn’t seem to be there. This could just be the work of a force or a tension that hasn’t yet broken free. It doesn’t mean it won’t, only that it hasn’t. Keep working on it.