What does your company do?

I recently read a story about a whirlpool appliance catching fire destroying the appliance and part of the customers home. Rather than taking responsibility, the customer was told to contact the Chinese manufacturer. This is the case of leadership not understanding what the company does any more.

At one point Whirlpool was a powerful manufacturer of goods in America. Goods manufactured with craftsmanship and care. They outsourced that responsibility to China. Economic arguments can be made for consumer benefit, but it still leaves whirlpool with a new business model.


Whirlpool became merchants of trust. Maybe they don’t make their stuff anymore, but they should quality check it, make the guarantees and help their customers when their offering fails to deliver.

Yet, they aren’t doing that either as the intro story indicates. They took no responsibility.

If this is the norm for Whirlpool, they have no business model left.

They are a middleman between Elec-Tech and the distributor. The internet did a number on middlemen. Without taking responsibility and faith there is little value left there. Whirlpool had its heyday. Time for someone new, are you ready to step up and be responsible?