The Cubicle and Herman Miller

Herman Miller basically invented the cubicle under the term “Action Office”. It revolutionized the office building, helping to keep distractions out for workers. It changed the way architects and managers laid out office buildings.

While cubicles are often criticized today, I’ve seen much more criticism of the rise of “open office” floor plans, which was what existed prior to the invention of the cubicle.

It seems there has only been 1 revolution in the layout of the office building, and that was created by Herman Miller, it’s no wonder they are the name brand in office furniture.

It’s possible that the audience that you seek to serve is looking for a revolutionary idea, and if you succeed you’ll become the name brand. Of course, after years or decades people will forget what made you that known brand in the first place, so you don’t get to stop looking for other revolutions to form.