Complex ideas…

are exhausting and valuable.

Sharing complex ideas is the exhausting part. Getting another person to understand the nuances of your ideas, while also making sure they are all consistent with your personal beliefs, it’s a painstaking effort.

I write to do this. Of course, I’m constantly thinking about them too. That’s how these difficult to grasp concepts get untangled into more manageable bite-sized, easily digestible chunks.

If you’ve ever thought “no one understands me” or “I wish they could just see into my mind”, then the reality is you’re asking for a shortcut. You’re asking for someone to make it easier for you to do the hard work in the world.

Don’t fear doing the labor, it always pays off. Write. Think. Live. Share as you go along, every time you share an idea, it gets better. Hone that craft, and as life goes on the frustration will continue to shrink, but not without the effort.

Might as well get started today. What’s something you’ve been wanting to communicate better, but can’t seem to articulate? Work on it, starting today.