How to steadfast on your long-term decisions

Over the years I had many different projects that I started that I never finished, and while every person has their own “process” the three steps above are what I recommend to anyone who wants to make progress on their goals in life. Let’s review the steps.

First, make the decision once. Set the amount of time you’re willing to work on your project and what your expected pay off is. After that do the work, don’t continue to question whether or not it’s worth the effort after the fact.

Second, do the work consistently, daily, weekly, or whatever interval you like. Building a body of work takes times. Stick with the routine.

Finally, ship the work. You don’t need to save it, organize it, or whatever else, you need to ship it out there. Having a system for managing your works in progress is a huge benefit.

These aren’t big tips, but they are a useful reminder from time to time.