People want to grow.

Looking at humans in comparison to any other animal, its obvious that growth (mental/spiritual) is ingrained in them. Societal growth. Building upon the work of others.

There aren’t many lions that build upon the work of previous lions. They hunt their own food, and protect their own pride, but that’s about it.

Taking that point of view about human society, many people are unhappy because they are stuck. Not because they aren’t fulfilled with their needs, but because they don’t see a direction to grow into. How can this be changed?

Here are some thoughts:

  • Do a project. Literally anything. Make something. This will sound silly, but when I was teaching myself to cook, I would look at prepackaged food labels at the grocery store, then buy the ingredients listed in it and try to make my own “real” version of the food. The labels don’t say proportions, but they are listed in order by highest quantity to lowest, so that gives a rough idea. It was amazing for my future thought processes on how to do things with no background in them.
  • Ask people your strengths, and take on bigger responsibilities related to them. No one needs to give you permission to write a letter to a customer or congressman, to organize the company inventory, or to build tools that automate tasks. These are all things that can be chosen. Pick something.
  • Anyone can mentor a younger person to share what they have learned and provide them direction. There are plenty of forums online where people are asking for this type of information. comes to mind.
  • Inspire others by showing them direction. Cooking shows are a great example of this, when you see something delicious made, it makes you want to make it. Of course, some people want to buy it, instead of doing the work themselves.
  • Invite others into something. This is a big one. Few people seem to extend invitations to anything these days. We’re all connected virtually, and online, but that seems to be the extent of many relationships. It would do good for the world to invite others into things that you are working on. Or a group they can contribute to. Or a place that they can simply belong.
  • Call others to action. Some people need outside motivation to move towards their goals and achieve things for themselves.

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, just something that was running through my head this morning.