Great art

This piece of art is amazing to me. It’s obviously not a photorealistic painting, yet it seems to capture the steals of water amazingly well. I can feel the pool on my face and the feeling this swimmer has.

No matter the work we do, this is what customers today expect. They want us to make them feel a certain way. Even if you’re a plumber, your customer may want to feel secure that nothing will break again and they weren’t ripped off. If you’re in the grass mowing business, they would like to feel like their house is Wimbledon. If you’re in the coffee business they would like to feel like you’ve created something just for their taste preferences.

We’re all looking for a feeling. You may not like this art piece, but there are other artists for you. We all need to offer a feeling and then find those that it fits. Not find people then ask how they want to feel.