A Few Thoughts on Active Income

I constantly hear about “passive income.” I wish more people would be focused on “Active Income.”

“Passive Income” is an idea of what capitalism is built on. It’s why we have 401k’s and stocks. It’s the ability to build a website, company, or machine that produces money while you sleep. It’s a fine goal, but many people would be happier if they focused on improving their active income methods. I’ll share a quote with you.

Transitioning into a position where passive income provides more of your earnings is a worthy goal, since it will leave you time to do the things that you want to do. 

In a world where people make a living streaming video games and making YouTube videos, it’s obvious that more than ever before, making money from the things you want to do is possible, but playing video games live on twitch is “active income” by definition. The player is doing the work.

I know that many people will say to the example I used, there are millions of video gamers and only a handful can be the ones that make it, and that’s true, so I’ll leave you with this:

  • You won’t make it if you don’t try
  • If you can stay in business and pay the bills you’re winning
  • Your odds go up if you can do it full-time as your skills get better with that much practice
  • Not everything has to be an “all or nothing” endeavor, it can be one stream of income just like the passive streams.

I’m not saying to avoid passive income, it could be good for your bank account and it’s also part of the society we’ve built, but once you have enough money, it won’t increase your happiness. However, streaming on twitch and finding a following of people who love to watch you might. Selling your paintings to people who tell you how great it makes their office look might. Making cupcakes that are the most delicious people have ever experienced at a Farmer’s Market might too.

It’s okay to be happy with the work you do.