Harbingers of Failure

.According to the article at the link below, there are people who can indicate through their love for a product that the product will be a failure. They call this people, “Harbringers of Failure”.


What isn’t mentioned is that many times the people in these groups are numerous, but they aren’t the masses. Coca-Cola isn’t happy with 100,000 people who like a drink, and so it becomes a failure. A mom and pop soda company on the other hand selling 100,000 six packs a week to those people might be overwhelmingly satisfied.

That means that these people aren’t “Harbringers of Failure:, they are “taste on the fringe”. They like something different than the masses. These people are indicators of opportunity for small business.

If you hear someone talking about a “Harbinger of Failure”, ask about it a little more, you may find an opportunity you never knew existed.