Big books…

are usually a sign of insufficient editing, not a lot of content. I’ve never read a large book that couldn’t have been cut down significantly.

For me, big books have become a sort of filter, a way to sort out which books I don’t want to read.

I’ve never been thrilled by a textbook.

I’ve never made it through any fiction that was too long in one book.

Perhaps it’s my attention span, but I’ve tried to read big books on a subject, alongside a small book on a subject, and without exception every time the smaller book makes the same points, but is more concise in the wording, and less repetitive. I’d rather read 5 different books like this on a subject, than 1 larger one.

Perhaps there is something you are doing in your industry that’s the same. Thinking you’re providing more value, but you are actually turning people off. It’s worth thinking about.