Dealing with randomness

Floating around the internet you’ll find stories that the coronavirus is a scheme to…

…microchip everyone coordinated by Bill Gates

…to erode our rights by the government

…reset the trade war by China

…reset the trade war by America

…reset the economy on the rich/poor inequality gap

…sway the election for the Democrats by destroying the economy

…sway the election for Trump to solve a crisis.

…change people’s habits.

…switch from a carbon economy to a green one.

…gain market share by Amazon.

Or it’s a random event that everyone is looking far too deeply into because while it’s random it does create some winners and some losers. Brains don’t know how to handle random. They know how to recognize patterns and classify things. It’s possible some of these things could be true, it’s also possible that none of them are.

All of those stories are floating around the internet. Everything depends on the story you’re choosing to believe.

When things go wrong in your life. It’s easy to see a pattern. Or to see sabotage in others. It’s not easy to believe in randomness. That success was just as likely as the failure that happened. Of course, randomness is in fact a part of life, but your brain doesn’t want you to believe that, it’s not the right tool for dealing with it.

The only thing to do is pick yourself up, try again, and hope that the randomness goes your way this next time.