Decisions all the way down.

Decide the tasks, or decide how to do the tasks. That’s the two choices in life.

Anyone who gets paid a decent amount at their job is making decisions. Decisions about how to organize things. Decisions about how to better serve the customers. Decisions about what should be on the marketing content. Decisions about the design of the product.

It’s decisions all the way down.

That means good decision making is at a premium, and that’s what people are looking for.

I’d like to point out a couple of different types of people and the decisions that they make.

First, the executive. The executive is making decisions about the strategy, the things that will need to be done. He is deciding what positions need to be created, and after looking through applicants, deciding who needs to be in which positions.

Now other people that the executive hires are more likely to be deciding about the work, and what needs to be done in the work itself. A graphic designer for example is going to make decisions about color tones, composition, content, style. For a single design, the designer has probably made thousands of decisions.

Once you see that the options for being valuable are about making decisions, it’s time to decide which type of decisions you enjoy making.