Being stuck is a result of the lack of constraints.

I often start writing and end up stuck. The reason is almost always the same. I try to write too broadly. I recently started developing an article on good decision-making. However, I spent a lot of time, editing paragraphs, moving things around, looking at the flow. A couple weeks in, I still felt I wasn’t anywhere.

Of course, after thinking about it, I decided the problem was simple, that topic was huge. There is emotions, rational analysis, looking at people who make good decisions, and the human brain and psychology coming all together to make a decision. So I made a simple decision, write about the impact of emotions on good decision-making.

That cleared things up quick!

My outline became more clear. I deleted a ton of unnecessary stuff. New words flowed freely and clearly, and I broke out of the rut and started progressing forward.

Once done with this article on emotional decision-making, I can move onto the next one about decision-making and rational analysis. Eventually, they can all be put together to do the work they were supposed to do which is help others make decisions.

This is how constraints, contrary to their definition, actually free us creatively. If you’re stuck, it’s time to revisit the constraints of your problem.