Watching anyone do something with skill is interesting

Telling someone 30 years ago, that streaming yourself playing video games would be a profitable venture, they would have laughed at you. Of course, if you were in arcades, people were watching each other play games already, but it wasn’t scalable, millions couldn’t watch a single person, that required the internet. 

The reason why this is profitable today, aside from the scalability of the internet, is that watching anyone do something with tremendous skill is fascinating. It’s a way to stand out. Go to a famous taco stall, and watch the skill of how fast they spit out tacos, I bet it’s mesmerizing. 

In the link below is a gentlemen playing Dragon Force – Through the Fire and the Flames on Guitar Hero 3. It was a notoriously hard song at normal speed, this guy is playing it at 165%, and hits every single note. You can see him playing. You can hear the strumming, you can visualize how skilled he must be at this. It’s interesting just by how skilled he is.

One way to make your project stand out it to show off the skill. Don’t make the skill behind the scenes, put it up front. Make it a core feature.