A creative, patient, and generous focaccia.

Imagine you were hosting a dinner party, and a bakery in your town made some bread like this? If you needed bread, would you not go out of your way to buy a couple loaves like this to make the evening more special? I’m giving the benefit of the doubt on taste here. It would certainly get me to try it.

It’s important to stand out to break the tension of trying something new.

As Jerry Seinfeld put it in his 23 Hours to Kill special on Netflix, “I’ve seen a lot of stuff.” He was referring to why he doesn’t get excited when someone tells him he has to see something or do something. And it’s true, the older we get, the more special something has to be to excite us. In the age of the internet, if you want people to get excited about what you do, it has to be obvious that it’s different than what people have seen before.

How can you make your work stand out? I work with many different companies in the engineering realm, and most are just going on about their day as they have for the last 30-50 years. However, the tools in that time period have changed drastically, when I go to a customer who are using them to their fullest, it’s obvious that they are going places in the future.

Your company may be one iteration of what an industry looked like. If it wants to be in the second, third and fourth industries, it’s perhaps time to think about standing out.