Being small, not thinking small.

There is a need for businesses with strong principles. Things like patience. Treating workers fairly. Growing at a proper place that doesn’t place them in over-leveraged situations.

These decisions will tend to lead to a small business based on employee count.

The problem I see is many small companies compete on price as a result, they have to sacrifice things like worker pay to compete with bigger companies. They don’t invest in systems that would make them more profitable like big business does, or allow them to deliver faster. I’m not thinking about multimillion dollar enterprise software, that would require raising capital after all. I’m talking about simple task automation, creating a follow up email tool in excel for salespeople that may require a couple hundred of dollars to a programmer for setting it up.

Small business needs systems in place that can make it profitable enough to compete with big business that will allow them to live their principles without sacrificing their business. Small companies need to be small, not think small.