How to be put in charge.

The best projects at work. Running a huge division of a company. Organizing a community. Being a CEO. No one is going to put you at the head of any of these things because you don’t have experience. You’re not old enough. You don’t have the right education. You don’t have the right history of leading up these sorts of things.

That will always be true until you decide otherwise.

When you hear about these 20 year old tech startups raising millions of dollars, how is it that they can do that when in a traditional company, they would still be fetching the coffee?

They put themselves in charge.

They planted their flag and said, “This is what I’m working on.”

The world resonates with that attitude because the world right now is so fast and so quick changing, that no one knows for certain what we should be working on. Some people just tell the rest, “I’m smart, I’ve learned this so far, and I have a pretty good hunch this will work, so join me.” They say it much more flowery, probably with a pitch deck, and also some personal psychology thrown in, but you get the point.

I’ve mentioned marketing as a filter, but in this case that’s exactly what the people with money are looking for, a good idea with some market value and a person who has picked themselves to lead it up. By reaching out to an investor, these young kids have already shown the latter, they just have to get a meeting to convince them of the former.

While I don’t think the Silicon Valley crowd has everything right about the way they start businesses, certainly valuing people who pick themselves is a principle that is consistently valued anywhere.

Are you ready to put yourself in charge today?