How to use technology to bring the past alive.

Below is a link to a twitter account that tweets out things that were happening 100 years ago as if they were live. It’s a new way to paint the picture of history.

One interesting aspect of this is that looking around for new ways to tell history was necessary to come up with this. Throughout time people have written articles, books, told radio stories, and made movies. This offers a new format for telling history. This offers something a little different.

Nearly all those other forms of media were consumed, then never revisited. This form is continuous, a never-ending stream. It offers the ability to share history as an unfiltered, uncharted set of data points as historians know it, rather then the fully fleshed out, well-curated presentations that were are used to where all the blanks have been filled in for us. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, as Napoleon said, “What is history, but a fable agreed upon?” Historians come to agreements constantly, but that doesn’t mean their interpretations match reality.

I love this because it’s interesting, it’s something worth consuming and allows someone who feels they don’t have time for history books to consume it in microdoses. We need more people doing interesting work like this. After all, whatever happened to interesting?