Binging with Babish and feedback loops

Binging with Babish is a YouTube channel where the host cooks food that has been in TV shows and movies. Meals like the cooking scene from Goodfellas, or some of the burgers that have been featured on Bob’s Burgers.

The channel is so popular it has millions of subscribers.

With marketing becoming less centralized, such as actors promoting their new movies on dozens of podcasts rather than simply a couple late night shows, it’s likely that this will create some sort of feedback loop. Binging with Babish makes dishes that were in movies, but soon movies will likely feature foods just so that they get attention from a channel like that. It’s pretty simple to add in a scene at a restaurant or in a kitchen, and if that gets you the attention of millions of people because the recipe is shown on Binging with Babish, it seems worth it.

Becoming something that other artists want to integrate with is a goal that every artist should consider. It’s how you know you’ve arrived.

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