There are always methods to add flavor.

My wife made some animal cookies for my daughter from scratch, they cooked a bit faster then usual and were darker than normal. A strong, golden brown color instead of a light beige. The interesting thing is…

they tasted much better than usual!

A lot more interesting flavor on the tongue.

These cookies are normally pretty bland. They have a slight wheat flavor, and are subtly sweet. The dark color add a light bitterness on the outside that contrasted the sweetness inside and made the whole experience more tasteful.

There is an interesting concept here. To add additional flavor, it’s also possible to add cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, or other flavorings, but the flavor here was added by a method, rather than an ingredient. Just a little longer in the oven is all it took.

This isn’t applicable to just cookies. This is also why a little char on grilled foods is great as well. More importantly this is a concept to think about for a business. Why?


“Ingredients” like the right people, equipment, and materials aren’t always available because they aren’t procurable in our timeline, or are out of the budget. However, if we truly reflect on the methods that are already available, perhaps there are ways to get done what we want.