The end of Cars…

Tells us a lot about life.

I’m talking about the Disney movie. In it, Lightning McQueen, the hotshot rookie, is about to win his life long dream of a piston cup. Instead, he stops and helps the long-time “King” of racing to finish the race by pushing him after he was wrecked by another competitor.

The stadium goes wild for McQueen. The guy that actually wins is ignored and scorned for wrecking “King” in the first place. It resonates with most everyone that watches it.

Yet, we don’t see this kind of generosity often. Perhaps it feels like there isn’t a wreck everywhere, there isn’t an opportunity to do this, that we’re all waiting. Of course, there is opportunities everywhere.

Every business struggles to sell more work, to pay their workers better, to do better for their clients. I started a people doing great work page, so that I could post more great businesses who are generous, patient and creative because these are the businesses we need to thrive.

Perhaps your own marketing needs more sharing for others than it does for you to share how great you are.