Perfection is a pursuit of only the simplest tasks.

Perfection is only obtainable in simple tasks, and that’s only when measuring with “normal” metrics. For example, if I said chop these squash into 1/4″ cubes. If I measured everyone with a ruler and they were all 1/4″ cubes exactly, the task was done perfectly. Of course, if I measured them with a laser to the 0.0001″ tolerance it would likely be seen none of them are cubes at all.

Beyond that, when the tasks have multiple steps, requirements, and stakeholders, how is perfection even graded?

Design the perfect home.

For who?

For which lot?

For what budget?

There isn’t a perfect solution, it all depends. And there will be tradeoffs.

When people say that perfectionism holds them back, I say, “The problems you’re working on are likely too simple.” This coming from a person who used to be held back himself.

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