Taste doesn’t sell through a screen.

That’s why the look of food matters these days when there are so many choices and yelp reviews are just a couple clicks away.

People can usually find the pictures of food from a particular establishment online. For me, if I can’t, I assume it’s bad. Why wouldn’t they post it if they were proud? Better yet, why wouldn’t customers post it if it was great? I’m at restaurants all the time where people are snapping pictures of their food.

This isn’t always fair. For example, a great restaurant, in a small town, that serves an older clientele may not get the amount of yelp pictures and reviews as one that sells to a younger clientele. That will change in another 20-30 years as there will be few demographics that aren’t tech savvy.

All of these pictures miss the point if the food doesn’t taste as good as it looks. The taste is what people are after, the look is just the first indicator. The second is the smell when you get to the restaurant and finally the taste comes when your meal is served.

This is the case for plenty of businesses outside the restaurant industry, if you don’t conjure the right imagery, you may not get a chance to show people how great the experience is with you.