Being seen as the best vs. Being the best.

They don’t always align.

This was a lesson shared by Warren Buffett to a person who won an auction for a lunch with him for an exorbitant amount of money that was donated to charity.

It wasn’t elaborated on, but Warren still lives in his house from the 1950s. He’s not a flashy guy. He doesn’t do risky investments and he’s been patient.

There are a ton of young men hoping to get rich like Warren on Wall St. However, they are also following a different culture than Mr. Buffett did. They are interested in fancy cars and houses. Things that take a lot of investable resources out of play.

This is the story for many people. The architect who pours all of his savings into a flashy office before he can even pay his bills and has a clientele is an example. If that shortens the architect’s “runway” for his business, and he goes under, he’ll have to go back to working for someone else. Never getting a chance for his “vision.”

Our ego is in the way at times. Sometimes it’s better to simply be the best, then be seen as the best. That means something different to everyone, so take time to think about it.