Seeing company culture

Purl is a twelve minute Pixar short about company culture and how it happens. Nearly everyone that joins a company likely doesn’t fit the mold exactly, then they conform a little to it. If someone is radically different than the company culture, they either change, as Purl does in the movie, or leave, reinforcing the culture that exists.

There is tons of writing out there about company culture:

Purl illustrates what is meant to be a bad culture like employees shunning the new hire and uncooperative departments (finance must hate these guys!). How can you fix that, or if you have a good culture how can you make it continue?

I firmly believe in marketing as the ability to make change happen, but as a tool I believe in marketing as a filter. One filter that you can put in place is the principles you want the new hires to uphold in the job posting. That way, the applicants more closely align with how you want the company to operate. In the past, this would have been tough. Pre-internet job applicants were fewer in-between. Now, with online applications, the average job posting gets 200+ applicants, so it doesn’t hurt to add a filter that takes that down to 50 anyway. It’s a better filter than throwing half in the trash, as I’ve heard before.

The bigger problem is not knowing what culture you want. That’s something you’ll need to think about closely.