No dress code as a filter.

Power dynamics exist in the workplace whether you are aware or not. When people hire programmers, they offer no dress code as a benefit. Come in as casually as you would like. In some cases, this is used to measure their ambition outside of the company. Most people dress up for interviews. If someone who comes in casually everyday suddenly shows up in dress clothes, they know something is up.

Do they need to retain them. Offer them more money? If they are ready to lay people off should they be the first to go?

It creates a power dynamic. Why does anyone care about that?

These workers are the hardest to find, longest lead times to fill, and require the most pay. If they are desperate to fill a position, again the power shifts to the seeker.

I hate this kind of power mongering and politicking, but it’s out there. Not every company is abusing it in this way, but some certainly are.

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