5% of a day is…

72 minutes. A little over an hour.

In order to grow your income, skills, or business, it’s likely this is all that needs to be spent. many people struggle with the fact they can’t spend hours a day job hunting, or developing a new marketable skill, or working on their side business.

It’s not as necessary as people think if they are committed. 5% beats inflation, and it’s likely if you spend you’ll see more growth than the amount of time you spend. As a reminder, even 5% annual growth over 40 years compounds compounds into a 700% gain. If you’re young, 5% growth over 70 years is a 3000% gain.

Of course it’s likely in that 40 years it may pay itself off so much that whatever you’re spending your time on, you choose to do more than 5% and that’s okay too. Just don’t stress out over not “developing” fast enough by not spending enough time. Things tend to have a natural flow, and if it’s meant to be it will work out if you’re spending small, but consistent efforts on it.