The iPass issue

I recently was traveling and had a personal iPass for tolls in the car along with a business iPass that was in my work bag that I use for rentals. It turns out they charged both. So my wife decided to call and get a refund.

They wouldn’t have it.

“No one travels with two IPasses” is what they told her. They believe she was trying to scam them.

While it’s certain this could be a scam, it’s also got next to no incremental cost at the number of people going through that toll daily. Giving a refund here doesn’t cost much. This is about the least generous way to go about business I can think of. It’s also a symptom of a business who has few alternatives for their products. Is there another road in the same place that I can take?

Just imagine if this happened every once in a blue moon, but they had captured it down in their system, and said 0.005% of our tolls accidentally have two iPasses in the car. We should redesign the transponder to have an off switch that way in the future people won’t have this issue. Then they would have a solution to a problem. A generous thought for their customers.

The way they are behaving is greedy and they get away with it because the amounts are so low. How much time should my wife spend on a couple dollar refund?

It’s not good business. Don’t be like them. Be generous.