Disney launches startup accelerator

Everyone is launching accelerators it seems. I just read an article about Disney launching a startup accelerator.


Because you don’t need them.
Because like the beer industry, young upstarts in huge numbers can chip away at a huge industry. There are 7,000-8,000 microbreweries that are destroying revenues for the major brands since beer drinking isn’t rising by that much.

There is a reason they target young, inexperienced founders mostly. Those founders don’t yet know how business is done, and how simple a SaaS business is in relationship to capital, coordination and scalability compared to other business. If they allow younger generations to get some work experience first, they’ll see they really don’t need an investor, just some skills, a network, and some patience.

These companies are scared of small competitors, so they buy them early in the form of funding through accelerators. Except in most cases they don’t actually accelerate anything. That title is just for show, really they should be called, “Aggregators.” That’s more appropriate. They aggregate companies in the hopes that someone will do good and then they will own a stake of the pie of any who do, ensuring they make decisions about that company, not for the good of the aggregated company, but for the good of the company that invested in it to maintain it’s strong, monopolist position.

You don’t need an accelerator. You need patience.