The Hustle of Disruption…

talk about a myth.

For years, I had messaging from Venture Captial blogs I followed and tech news that disruption is happening at an unprecedented pace. Perhaps it is in the number of jobs replaced, but it’s also happening incredibly slowly too.

True disruption of manufacturing, design, is incredibly slow. Whenever I had a unique business idea I was disheartened assuming someone else would finish before me since I couldn’t devote full-time to it. After 7 years selling technologies, I can tell you, adoption of disruptions isn’t that fast unless it’s software or something “cheap”.

Companies, the ones that will purchase from you, just don’t move that fast. Sure, a company may create technology that fast, but the market doesn’t respond that fast. My company sells 3D Printers, not the kind that can be purchased for hobbyists for a couple hundred dollars, but higher end ones that have strength, or they ability to produce large quantities overnight. Markforged and HP in particular.

While there are plenty of applications for these printers that offer huge returns-on-investment (ROI) for companies, they need to talk about it internally, plan it for next years budget, get a consensus that is on-board, and generally wait to hear about someone else who has actually bought and done their exact application first.

It’s a long process. Your hustle in development won’t speed it up. It’s called an adoption cycle for a reason. It has a cycle time to it, and it’s probably not set by you.

So relax, set a clear vision, then work steadily and have patience, if you’re making something great the market almost always comes around after waiting long enough, but like coronavirus or the flu, products that work tend to spread at their own pace regardless of what we want.