You can't see the end of a podcast until it's done.

I’ve always liked work that I can’t see the end of. Once I do, it’s done in my mind and I find it harder to finish. If it’s all just tasks left to be fulfilled, then the possibilities are gone, and it holds little meaning.

When editing a podcast, I generally listen to it once through, editing out the typical pauses that feel too long, “ums”, and any other words that don’t add much value to the conversation. From there, I reaffirm what the point of the episode was, and listen again, cutting out stuff that doesn’t match the theme. Finally, I decide if there is anywhere that can be bolstered by music, or a sound to mark a transition, and at the end of all that I add the intro music, and the outro music.

I listen one final time and decide if everything is good to go. It’s a lot of labor, but it keeps me engaged because it never feels like it’s done. It could be tweaked forever, but as they say, “Great artists ship” so it’s has to get out there sometime.

If your work is boring you, perhaps you need a new kind of work, work that you can’t see the end of.