What’s New?

How does someone answer that question?

I always come back to what a gym owner told me once. When business is dwindling, he always asks his staff, “When is the last time we helped someone lose 50+ lbs” If no one can answer, this is the reason business is dwindling. He says when they help someone lose that kind of weight, it renews current member’s motivation. It makes people around that person who don’t go to the gym want to start. It raises the gym’s status. Signups increase.

With that in mind, try to keep a story of a recent win/ positive impact you had on a customer as a what’s new. Just like if the gym owner was asked, “What’s new?” His response could be, “Well we helped Randy over there lose 100lbs.” That’s a good answer, truthful, and strengthens the reason the business exists in the first place.