51%, 67%, 76%, 81%, 91%, 96%, 99%

Out of 2 you’re the tallest.

Out of 3, you’re the smartest.

Out of 4, you’re the wealthiest

Out of 5, you’re the most creative.

Out of 10, you’re the most generous.

Out of 20, you’re the most popular.

Out of 100, you’re the most likely to succeed.

The numbers in the title are percentiles. Each line above corresponds to one of those percentiles in a comparison of group size. As you can see at the lower end a difference of 16% means that the sample size only has to move from 2 to 3 to see your relative standing. At the upper end, a difference of 3% (99%-96%) means that a sample size of a 100, rather than 20, is necessary to show your relative skill.

It’s no wonder out-sized rewards go to those at the top. Constantly be seeking out what you can own, but keep in mind that in and of itself is a process, a long journey requiring continued introspection. Don’t stop, you’ll find it eventually.

Below is an illustration of the sample sizes required to be measured as the best to that percentile. Seek to be the 99%, but have patience in getting there.

P.S. That’s a lot of Ryan Gosling photos.