Sales is driving traffic

Marketing has taken a much larger role in selling a product than it used to. Once upon a time a billboard might get someone to call a company, that call was a product of marketing, after that they were passed to a salesperson who figured out how to close a deal.

Today, in many industries this has changed as a result of drastically dropping production costs, YouTube, email, and smartphones. The media that can be made and distributed can be done so fast that sales has become more of a driver of traffic to your media, rather than the closer themselves.

In a few open-ended type consultancy based business this isn’t the case. It has to be worked out what is needed and required. Then a solution has to be determined. Then an implementation has to occur. All of those steps require people coordinating things ensuring expectations are set.

There is a reason more salespeople are becoming an inside dialer only. They are now being relegated to another means of simply driving traffic to a website or medium in the same way that billboards, TV or radio ads, digital advertising, newspapers, magazines, and podcasts do. That’s not to say they are indispensable, they could be your most focused, highly targeted advertising medium, with the best results, they are simply performing a different function than they used to, which was closing deals.