Is consistency the goal?

When it comes to an experience, the answer is always yes. Consistently high standards is the only way forward.

When it comes to a product, the answer is only sometimes. Consider that old electric guitars used to have hand wound humbuckers which were responsible for picking up the vibrations of the string. Being hand wound meant each one was different. Each guitar made had a unique sound character to it. Today those guitars are often in demand. Bringing on machinery to wind the humbuckers made every guitar sound the same, but that’s not always desirable if your audience wants to be original.

That’s where knowing an audience comes in. Searching for hand wound pickups, yields a small business doing just that. Brandon Wound Pickups is making pickups that sound like those made in the glory days for people who want them to foster their signature sound.

A nice feature of a hand wound pickup is that it can’t be automated, this is a small business that creates jobs. The more popular it becomes the more workers it employs. That’s great for everybody.

Keep doing what you’re doing Jared.