I deleted Twitter.

At least the Twitter app on my phone. My posts still automatically update there, but I’m not engaging.

For me, it’s not a place to find an audience for a few reasons:

  • I believe in long-term trust building
  • I believe in generosity and stickiness of a topic, neither of which is well-presented in Twitter’s format.
  • I believe in knowing the audience being presented to, and Twitter is too fluid.

For me, Twitter seemed like a party of people who are all juiced up and high energy but with a lot of conversations that touch but don’t flow together. It’s hard to build a coherent message. Sure, it may be a place to be seen in “public” but like a guy shouting from the sidewalk, no one there is enrolled in what you are saying. If you’ve already built your audience, Twitter may be a fine updates platorm, but aside from that, it doesn’t align with what I believe, so I pruned it out. If it’s not working for you, think about doing the same.