The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

That’s a book written by Marie Kondo.

In it, she outlines how to tidy up and be tidy, and it starts with discarding a significant amount of your stuff. Anything that doesn’t “Spark Joy.”

I’ve been really close to Marie on this approach for a long time, then when I got married, it became harder. What about the shared stuff? What if it sparks joy for me, and not for my wife? Do we keep it?

This is what happens in most businesses. They become untidy. Paperwork piles up. Old marketing documents are there. Half-finished projects pile up. Boxes stack up in case a new piece of equipment needs to be returned. The more employees, the more likely this is since no one seems to know who is in charge of being tidy.

Businesses, especially small ones could do well by reading this book. By passing it around to each new hire during orientation to get them in a mainframe of being tidy.

I’ll admit that while I generally keep little physical goods, and keep my space tidy, I do get untidy digitally often. Marie doesn’t address this specifically, but it’s the same idea as the paperwork approach she presents.

Like the title says, this book can change your life, but it can also change your business.