“The Ultimate Porker”

That’s the name of a sandwich at Jimmy John’s. I’ve never ordered it, not because the toppings didn’t sound good, but because the name seems weird to say.

I’ve seen this in many themed restaurants over the years, item names that make me (and likely a lot of other people) feel stupid saying them, and so they are avoided. That’s good if you’re trying to create an illusion of choice while pushing people towards the same high margin dish, but bad if you’re trying to give people options.

“Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity” at IHOP as a kid comes to mind as well. Who’s going to say the “Rooty Tooty” part? It’s a mouthful!

It’s possible these menu names just aren’t for me particularly and that’s fine, but if it turns of your core audience, then it becomes a problem. It’s best to think about that clearly while naming anything.