Making something better. That’s the noble pursuit you’re following.

For decades, centuries even, good enough was fine.

Now it’s not.

The work of good enough doesn’t persuade anyone to buy from the little guy instead of the global powerhouses. It’s not worth a person’s time to understand the difference. And it’s not worth their money.

The work of good enough doesn’t allow business owners to charge prices that enable them to pay good wages to employees strengthening the community and leading to healthy lifestyles and families.

The work of good enough doesn’t attract people that want to see and experience what you have to offer. To work for you in diligence to fulfill the dreams of what you want to bring to the world.

The work of good enough, is no longer good enough.

The work of amazing is what’s required. If it doesn’t stop us in our tracks, It. Will. Be. Ignored.

If it’s not worth taking a picture of or talking about the experience, It. Will. Be. Ignored.

If it’s something seen too many times before, It. Will. Be. Ignored.

Be bold. Stand out. Try something new, even if it’s a twist on something old.

Only by being recognized as better, will you be able to make things better. For your art, for your community, and for yourself.

No matter what it is, something better is hiding within you. And by bringing it out, you’ll make the world a better place. With those stakes on the line, you can’t possibly stop.

The world needs you to do it. How can you possibly say no?

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