I’m not good at fighting.

If it gets to that point, I’ve already lost. I see someone like David Heinemeier Hansson calling out Google for monopolistic practices and we need people like that.

I take the otherside of the coin. While David is working to bring awareness, taking that company down a peg, I’m seeking to empower others to bring the fight to companies like Google who are running monopolies by finding ways to compete with them. I seek to empower small businesses to be better, more creative, smarter, and to capture the hearts of their audiences so that they would never want to buy from a huge company if they don’t have to.

We need both. David’s works and thoughts are great. There’s been times I’ve tried the marketing tactic of “picking a fight.” That’s not for me. I realize that now, after years of self-reflection, empowerment is my strength, not fighting.