Quickest forms of influence vs. most impactful

Imagine a person you find very attractive and Noam Chomsky both asking you to get some coffee together.

If Noam Chomsky wasn’t a known thinker yet, or someone you knew of/liked, then the attractiveness would make your choice for you.

Being attractive as a fast form of influence. This is the beautiful people on instagram gain follows by posting pictures of themselves everyday.

There is an inverse relationship between the speed of influence and the power to make change. The attractive instagram model may be able to make someone open their wallets for a t-shirt, but they are unlikely to awaken people to a new political truth. Or impact the way people run their business. Or help people decide how to improve their lives.

This isn’t random. Slow forms are slow because they take understanding, effort, and enrollment from the person being influenced. By the time the influence takes place, there is depth to it. Quick influence doesn’t have much depth. It’s why we call people who care only of appearances “shallow.”

Making an impact doesn’t have many shortcuts.