I would like to thank Simulia

Simulia isn’t a well known brand amongst the general population. It’s not a well known brand amongst the general engineering population. It is a well known brand among engineering structural analysts.

When I’m on a general website and see a “I would like to thank Simulia.” message. I know it was posted by a marketing team through a fake account. This attempt at marketing is not a great way to go about things.

It’s desperate.

Yet, I know where they are coming from. Their target audience is small. It’s hard to reach. It’s hard to have a clear, distinctive message to serve them all. It seems like a shortcut to do this sort of marketing.

It’s not for them. It’s not for you.

Find a way to generously engage. That’s the way forward. Some thoughts on this can be found in my growing body of work that can be read by clicking here.