Why your knees wobble under pressure.

People have wants, but usually those aren’t the same as their needs. The tension between the two is what creates undesirable effects.

I’ve been a competitive bowler for a long-time. I’ve been in situations with thousands of dollars on the line for a single shot or two. In those cases, your legs feel like Jell-O. Throwing the ball doesn’t feel the same as it did all the other times in your life. This is the tension between wants and needs.

When thousands of dollars are on the line, wanting to win is natural. However, in the moment, what is needed is a properly executed shot. If dropping the idea of the money out of the bowler’s head was possible, aligning both their want and need to be a good shot, there would be much more feeling in their legs.

Why is this true?

The bowler has made many good shots before, so their want of a good shot is something that feels like them. However, if they’re throwing a ball for $50,000 and they’ve never had more than $5,000 in the bank, it feels like it’s not them. It’s not something they’ve done or are qualified for. Their brain creates a tension due to the stakes of a better life being on the line.

For events that are quick, like a single bowling throw for huge money, it’s hard to ever clear your mind of the tension between the want and need. In fact, that’s the drama the promoters are looking for, so removing it would take away the benefit of those who put up the money.

However, for long-term events, like blogging or a game channel production, or a small business growth, it’s possible to align your wants to be your needs. It will eliminate everything that’s putting pressure on you, freeing you to do the best work of your life.

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