Marketing: Like sales but less personalized!

The amount of times I see someone ask how they can send more emails faster is amazing to me because I never see them ask how can they write better emails and I know they need to write better emails because the marketing emails I get almost entirely suck.

The type of business you’re in changes the approach, but I’m in a hybrid technical/marketing/sales role. When I have ideas for marketing it is because I’ve had dozens or even hundreds of conversations with customers about the same issue. I know there is opportunity and pain because they’ve told me. Advice I never see in marketing forums is pick up the phone and call some customers.

When a sales person picks up the phone and calls a customer he is seeking to find some pain, then give a personalized dive into their issue and how a solution can help. Marketing is generally seeking to create that one-size/few sizes fit(s) all. Taking that approach, marketing is sales, but less personalized. If that’s the case, why would anyone care what you have to offer? It’s not for them. It’s for you. To meet your goals.

Marketing of course has to write copy as a starting point for customers in finding you, but marketing also needs to offer something that sales can’t. Sales is sitting on a phone, that means they can’t immediately provide a video. Marketing can create an Augmented Reality (AR) app that let’s the customer see a product in their space. Sales can’t do that. Marketing can work to understand the customer better, and integrate changes into the product that better serve them. Sales can’t do that.

If employing an approach to marketing that is “Like sales, but less personalized.” It’s time to rethink the value you’re adding to the conversation and the organization.