No one cares about a billion dollars.

Just like no one cares about a 1/4” drill bit. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, there is a saying that no one cares about 1/4″ drill bit, they care about making a 1/4″ hole. In reality, they don’t even care about 1/4″ hole, they care about the shelf that hole allows them to put up. Still, that’s not the heart of it, they care about the way that shelf makes them feel. Organized, secure and that their things are safe.

When getting to the heart of the matter, no one cares about a billion dollars. They want it because of how it makes them feel. Some thoughts are:

  • Feeling important or high status.
  • Safe because they are able to provide whatever is needed.
  • Smart because many others can’t get to that level of wealth.
  • Justified in their actions because the world must value what they do.
  • Soothed in that they never have to make a decision between to items they want.

No one wants a billion dollars, they want the way it makes them feel.