The Top Shelf Keeps Moving

Walk down two alcohol aisles, one from a decade ago, and one from today. What you’ll notice is ever fancier bottles and labels. Along with that, there are different brands that fit different personality types. There are brands for responsible parents who want a relaxing drink once in a while. Brands that are meant to sit out on a bar and look pretty. Brands that are for the person who finds themselves edgy.

What more can be done?

What about a comic series of alcohol? Where the label is a page of a comic book? Collect all the pages to get the comic?

What about a line of alcohol where the bottles are chess pieces? Collect them all and you can buy a board for it to have a full chess set?

Why is no one doing those last two items?

Because they are hard. The comic idea requires ideating a story, characters, a plot, and getting it all storyboarded then illustrated. Then separating the pages out, and sticking different pages to different bottles. The chess idea means designing 6 different bottles. Then managing the production of them in different quantities since a chess set has 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, 1 king, and 1 queen. They should be produced in the proper ratio.

In a connected world, it’s easier than ever to reach someone, but it’s harder than ever to stand out. The work required to do so rises continuously.

Don’t sit idle for too long. Your top shelf today, but if you don’t up your game, that shelf will change sometime soon.