Compare to the good ‘ol days of marketing

When the message of the ad was the only thing to be concerned with. After that it was about making a commercial, getting the artwork for the print, recording the radio jingle and buying the magazine, TV, or radio space to run them for years. It was a simpler time.

Today, you still craft a message, but then you need to:

  • Add to/update your website
  • Create continuous content
  • Buy Google/Facebook ads at a higher price than your competition
  • Find the right hashtags
  • Post on Instagram
  • Manage an email list
  • Launch a podcast
  • Hustle.

That’s not even an exhaustive list, though it’s certainly an exhausting set of tasks, and it leaves out how descriptions of how much harder it is to figure out what to post and where to share it, than traditional mediums. You have to figure out your Facebook psychographics. Which Twitter hashtags have people who need your product. There are endless questions and things to test.