The Digital Strike

In the age of industrialism, striking meant standing out front making sure no one went in. It was preventing the machines from running. It wasn’t just protest, it was hurting the bottom line.

What recourse do digital workers have? At this point in the digital cycle, workers are being paid fair wages. That’s because the digital economy has been expanding faster than workers to fill it. What happens when that’s no longer true?

How will the digital workers strike? Will they sabotage accounts? Will they delete websites? How will they block their work from simply being sent to another country where a worker is given all of the necessary passwords?

There is no physical location to block after all.

I believe in balance. For now, this system is balanced as most workers in this space are on an upward trajectory, but eventually this will be a battlefield not that different from labor unions, except it’s missing all the means of self-defense that labor had.