What 12 months of consistent writing did for my life.

On January 1st, 2019 I started this blog. For years, I had written in different locations, LinkedIn, reddit, and different social media pages.

They all were temporary with no central location for review.

12 months of blogging here, daily, led the three primary results:

  • Clarity of thoughts. Anytime I’ve had to explain an idea to someone about something I had already written about, it came out much more clear.
  • Clarity of life. Self-reflection is difficult at sometimes. It’s not so much that we lie to ourselves, but sometimes we are simply clueless to our own truth. Most of the writing here, at least the ones on the blog are chosen by whatever strikes me as inspiring. When common themes are found by reading older posts, it’s easy to see what’s important.
  • Increased happiness. Sniffing around different career advice boards, loads of posts talking about feeling unfulfilled in a job can be found. People are looking to see something grow as a result of their own doing. At a large company, it’s hard to see the impact your work has. That is what writing this blog post is doing for my psyche. It’s showing me a body of work that I’m building. It makes me feel less anxious that I’ll never add up to anything.

I now consider writing my art form. If someone is an artist of a different type, I encourage the same approach, create daily. It will be great for your psyche and even in 12 months, you’ll be amazed how far you’ve come.