Marketing by making your support public.

One claim that has existed for a long-time, “Our support is the best.”

It’s dubious at best. How can anyone who isn’t your customer, or hasn’t been a customer of all your competitors know that is true?

Surveys? The ones you administered?

There isn’t a way to show that.

One way to change this dynamic is to train your support people really well, and make your support public. Try handling cases through twitter or other media. Do a great job.

Next time you have to make the claim that you have the best support, you can instead say, “We’re the only company in our industry who makes our support public to hold ourselves more accountable to our customers. It forces us find new ways to do better. You can go look at how we assist people and judge for yourself.”

That’s a demonstrably true and impressive statement. The trick is getting over how risky it feels.